Contact me to organise a photoshoot of your pride and joy!

Do you want a new lock screen or wallpaper?

How about a picture to hang up in your office or garage?

At a low cost of $10.00 per high quality photo, look no further than here!

You will be given the opportunity to select your preferred photos once the shoot is complete.

Time of day:

  • Any time that is suitable for you (and I am available)
  • We can discuss preferred times when organising the shoot.


  • Preferably out of busy areas where the car can be parked in a safe location for a small of time without being disturbed.
  • I have a list of locations and am open to any suggestions, especially if you have a favourite place!

Things to bring along:

  • Please ensure your car is washed prior to the photo shoot, including interior and wheels
  • Rags to clean dirty spots and any cleaning solution you wish to use
  • Water and snacks
  • Number plate removal tools if you wish to have photos taken without the number plate
  • Yourself!